Reel of a wire into regular rings, often around a centrepiece. A length of wire wound in a joined sequence of a round shape formed by a series of concentric circles often around a centrepiece, one above or outside the other.

Rajhans offer various sizes of coil according to customer specifications. We have more than 20 sizes of coil developed till date. We offer fast delivery and our professional sales team is ready to assist with customer’s material needs. We supply across the globe.

Rajhans is serving the weight of coil ranging from 20 kgs to 500 kgs. We also offer custom weight as per customer’s specification.

Below is the size range of brass coil products that Rajhans can serve. All of these sizes comes in a variety of dimensions and in either Matric or Imperial.

Shape: Round
Matric (mm)Dia 1.5 to 8
Imperial (Inch)Dia 0.06 (1/16) to 0.31 (5/16)