Sections Profile

Metal profile bars are metal, that due to the fact, they can have different irregular shapes, with different heights and different thickness.

Engineering industries can use them for a huge variety of component. From brass profile, to individually designed, customer exclusive brass sections.

Rajhans has a variety of customized sections/profiles according to customer’s specifications. We have more than 2100 different sections/profiles developed till date. We offer fast delivery and our professional sales team is ready to assist with customer’s specific material needs. We supply to across the globe.

Rajhans is serving the length ranging from 1.5 feet to 16 feet. We also offer cutting as per customer’s specification.

Below is the size range of brass sections/profiles that Rajhans can serve. All of these sizes comes in a variety of dimensions and in either Matric or Imperial.

Shape: Custom
Matric (mm)Circumscribed Dia 2.5 to 80
Imperial (Inch)Circumscribed Dia 0.10 (3/32) to 3.15 (3 5/32)